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Fishing Bench

Fishing Bench - Upright

Just because something should be used in one way, does not mean that it is the most interesting way to take a picture of it.

Here are two pictures of the same bench. The first, as I found it, lying down, almost in the water of the lake it is oft used to fish at, and a gain, after it is set up as if it were to be used.

I’ve made a couple of changes in the process, besides setting it up. Obviously I’m not taking the picture from the same location, and I’ve framed it differently. In the fallen down image, the bench is central to the image, and is actually put in the center of the image. As a side effect, the clouds reflecting off the water do draw the eye away from the image. Also the shadow of the bench is almost non-existing. Or more accurately almost everything you can see of the bench is in shadow. You can see some highlighting on the top surface of the legs, and the bench, but that’s about all. Because so much of the bench is in shadow, it’s difficult to tell if it is actually even in focus. Did the auto-focus of the camera actually try to focus on the clouds? It’s tough to tell.

The framing of the bench in the second image is far better. It’s a little off to the side, and at the same time is obviously the object of interest. It’s clearly in focus, shows better highlighting of areas that are of interest, and the highlighting is not so high of contrast as to make it difficult to see detail in the shadows.

Ok, technically the second image is perhaps a bit better. That said, what’s the possible story. It’s a bench that someone probably was fishing from, but is currently not being used. Which image tells that as a story better? I’m going to argue for the first image. The bench was abandoned in such a way that it’s fallen over. Was that someone not caring about the bench when they left? Did the bench fall due to it being on an uneven surface and a duck tried to sit on it and put weight on it in such a way as to cause it to topple? Or the fox in the area? Did we just have a strong wind, or perhaps some child playing at the lake bumped into it but was already off to doing something else before it fully toppled? We don’t know, but we can consider these as parts of the tale of the image.

When looking at the second image, all we can say is that I’ve found an old bench by the lake that probably could be used by someone contemplating the lake, or perhaps doing some fishing at the lake may have used it. It’s enjoyed some weathering. But how interesting are those stories?

I should have left the bench where it was, and done a better job of framing the image of the bench as it was when I found it. Having thought about it, I’ll have to consider that when taking pictures in the future. Not everything is ‘improved’ by me ‘fixing’ the situation.

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A rare portrait

TJ in Profile

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First Scheduled post…


… missed the deadline. Sorry about that.

Ok. this week’s featured image is from the same storm as the image I posted in my first post. It is however from a different location.

In this case I was interested in the way that the sun was coming through the clouds as the clouds were passing over the lake. The lake in this case is Medicine Lake in Plymouth Minnesota. I’m shooting from the park at the South East end of the lake.

This park has a running/biking path, a playground, swimming area, and when I took the picture they were developing a fishing dock. During Meteor showers I’ve gone out on this dock to see if I could see them. However I’m generally unhappy with this space for night photography. One of the businesses next to the park has a loading bay for trucks that they have very brightly lit. I have a picture of the port-a-potty there which was taken at about 2 am, where the port-a-potty is well lit, and the only real indication that the picture was taken at night is the sky in the far background being dark.

Back to the picture. A couple of things I would probably do different with this type of a shot in the future. Get a tripod. Well, OK I have a tripod. Several in fact. However I did not bring a tripod with me when I was shooting this event. With lighting like this however it would have been very helpful to have a tripod to let me close down the aperture so that I could get a broader depth of field, and have fewer problems with some of the things I did with this picture otherwise.

I used this picture, or related pictures to build a panoramic shot of this event. The hugin tool I used did not have good luck matching up the trees on the horizon. I suspect that if the shots had been done on a tripod that the collection would have been a little bit easier to stitch together.

I will admit that part of the problem with the stitching together of the images may have been the plug-in tracking the clouds rather than the trees on the horizon. Since the clouds were in motion that would mean that the horizon portion of the image would not have matched up exactly.

Other than a desire to increase the depth of field on the image, I’m generally happy with this image. For me it evokes a sense of choice, on the one hand a bright future, on the other a storm continues. At the same time, light is breaking through, indicating that just maybe the worst is over, and a bright future exists.

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