Christmas Eve, 2007

Snowy Path

Ok folks. Sorry about yesterday. one thing lead to another, and about 8 am I was drifting off to sleep as I was writing up a blog post in another blog of mine. Rusty’s blog at

In any case I decided that this week I would simply post one of my all time favorite pictures. I’ve variously titled it as path, or snowy path, It’s a path that was essentially within walking distance of where I called home at the time, and is the biking/walking/running path around most of Medicine Lake in Plymouth, MN.

In any case, there are not a lot of specifics to tell about it. The day did lend itself to my first series of issues with a Pentax K100D. The camera really does need more juice than 4 AA Alkalines can supply at a given point, especially when it is cold. I was very often getting an indication that the camera just didn’t have enough juice from the batteries. I ended up solving this in three ways over time. First was that when I use AA batteries in this camera, they are Lithium AA batteries,. Second I picked up a rechargeable battery pack for the camera. It hangs under the body along the lines of the old film auto-winders from film days, It charges off of 12 volts, And that’s not all that difficult to find. And finally I moved up to a Pentax K20 (and later a K7) which ment that I started shooting less with the K100d. I still have it, and will use it at times. The 6 MP sensor can shoot all day onto 16 Gig of SD card. It can shoot well over a thousand pictures there. However it does have issues with auto-focus in low light. I think it’s a great little camera to start with.


Snowy Path

A path covered in snow, going around the bend.

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Water, food color, glass.

blue, red, yellow food color in water.

As a fall back for a canceled at the last minute photo shoot in February, we decided to do some experiments with light and food color. Now lot’s of people have tried various techniques with lighting, and dropping a drop of food color into a clear glass with water in it. How the die disperses, whether the water is still, in motion, etc. But as I was looking through the variety of glass at one of the local dollar stores, I spotted a glass with a diamond pattern, that was otherwise still clear.

The result is a slightly different variety of how food color moves through the water and diffuses. out. In this case we decided not to spin up the water, and I simply dropped one drop each of Blue, Red and then Yellow food die into the water. More pictures are available. I shot in Video mode as the camera remote was not working for me. The image above is a screen grab from the video.

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Father Louis Hennepin Bridge


There are many bridges in the Twin Cities. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul have several bridges crossing the Mississippi, and on top of that collection is the variety of bridges involved in the Freeway and Railroad system in the area. We may not have nearly as many bridges as Pittsburgh. Or bridges the size of the Golden Gate, or Bay Bridges. Nothing comes to mind as being as fascinating as the Washington Bridge in NY. And we’ve had a sample of bridge disasters with the collapse of the I-35W bridge in August of 2007.

All that said, there are many bridges that are interesting in the twin cities for various reasons. One of my favorites is the Father Louis Hennepin Bridge, connecting the north and south sides of the city of Minneapolis upstream of Saint Anthony Falls on the Mississippi river.

Father Hennepin was a priest who traveled up the Mississippi in the 17th century and found the only waterfall on the Mississippi, which he dubbed Saint Anthony Falls. The falls moved up stream over the years as they are want to do, but since the construction of the spillway to support the mill community has not been migrating. There are several bridges connecting Minneapolis across the area of the Falls. At a later date I expect to post some pictures I’ve taken of the New bridge for I-35W, the Stone Arch bridge, and if I can get a decent picture of the Central Avenue bridge, that as well. There are also a couple of bridges that have been taken out of service since the collapse of the I-35W bridge. The Lowery Avenue bridge is close to being ready for traffic after it was torn down for structural issues, and the Plymouth Avenue bridge has been indefinitely closed to vehicular traffic until repairs can be made to issues identified in an inspection a few years ago. It is however open to pedestrians, and there are a number of events with runs that cross it.

Father Louis Hennepin Bridge is a suspension bridge that is not considered long by today’s standards. The entire bridge is a little over 1000 feet in length. And while you can see several pictures of it during the day on it’s wikipedia entry, I think this picture demonstrates that it truly shines at night.

Next week I’m going to try to have something on some of the equipment that I use. I hope you can stop by. Feel free to drop me a note.


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Showtime: Oscar Lhermitte, “Seeing in Circles” | Beyond The Beyond |

Showtime: Oscar Lhermitte, “Seeing in Circles” | Beyond The Beyond |

I don’t think I’ll try this myself, but I’ll admit that he’s got some interesting effects going on there.

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First Scheduled post…


… missed the deadline. Sorry about that.

Ok. this week’s featured image is from the same storm as the image I posted in my first post. It is however from a different location.

In this case I was interested in the way that the sun was coming through the clouds as the clouds were passing over the lake. The lake in this case is Medicine Lake in Plymouth Minnesota. I’m shooting from the park at the South East end of the lake.

This park has a running/biking path, a playground, swimming area, and when I took the picture they were developing a fishing dock. During Meteor showers I’ve gone out on this dock to see if I could see them. However I’m generally unhappy with this space for night photography. One of the businesses next to the park has a loading bay for trucks that they have very brightly lit. I have a picture of the port-a-potty there which was taken at about 2 am, where the port-a-potty is well lit, and the only real indication that the picture was taken at night is the sky in the far background being dark.

Back to the picture. A couple of things I would probably do different with this type of a shot in the future. Get a tripod. Well, OK I have a tripod. Several in fact. However I did not bring a tripod with me when I was shooting this event. With lighting like this however it would have been very helpful to have a tripod to let me close down the aperture so that I could get a broader depth of field, and have fewer problems with some of the things I did with this picture otherwise.

I used this picture, or related pictures to build a panoramic shot of this event. The hugin tool I used did not have good luck matching up the trees on the horizon. I suspect that if the shots had been done on a tripod that the collection would have been a little bit easier to stitch together.

I will admit that part of the problem with the stitching together of the images may have been the plug-in tracking the clouds rather than the trees on the horizon. Since the clouds were in motion that would mean that the horizon portion of the image would not have matched up exactly.

Other than a desire to increase the depth of field on the image, I’m generally happy with this image. For me it evokes a sense of choice, on the one hand a bright future, on the other a storm continues. At the same time, light is breaking through, indicating that just maybe the worst is over, and a bright future exists.

Thanks for visiting.



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For this to make sense as a recurring blog, there needs to be a schedule.

I work Wednesday night from 10 pm to 6 am the following day. This is the beginning of my work week. I end at 6 am Sunday. I occasionally have activities to do on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, but other than the odd medical appointment, rarely do I have anything scheduled for Wednesday morning.

So, here’s the plan. Every Wednesday at Noon, I expect to have a blog post going up. If I’m going to be gone for a week or two, or even if I’m not sure I’ll be able to commit to the time needed Wednesday morning, I’ll work on it earlier in the week and schedule a posting to be published at noon central time on Wednesday.

Noon will be local to me. I live in the central time zone of the USA, so I follow the CST6CDT5 schedule. If you are looking for the GMT/UTC time of my posting, it will be either 1800 when the USA is recognizing Standard Time, and 1700 when most of the USA is living in Daylight Savings time. (I think it’s a stupid idea, but so far no one seems to have listened to me, or the data that shows that it not only doesn’t save any money and mostly causes people headaches related to trying to figure out when they need to go to work, etc. when the time shifts.)

Take care. Post expected for this Wednesday. No idea on what yet.


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Hacked By MMA Defacer

Storm clouds receding.

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