What happened to..

What happened to the Old Rusty’s Place?

That’s a good question. I’m not sure that I can provide a useful answer.

First of all I don’t think I ever visited the old Rusty’s Place. I don’t know who ran it, or where he or she was from.

I went looking for a domain that I could use to well, put things. Sort of a place. and the logical step was to feed ‘rustysplace’ into a domain registration tool, and see what it spat out. It told me that rustysplace.net was available, and I bought it.

Shortly after I bought the domain I started getting e-mail for various people who were using the old place as a mailing address. And while there was some variety, it doesn’t look like the largest proportion of it was spam. I have to admit that I think the people who were using @rustysplace.net addresses were doing so wisely.

A little bit of an explanation about domain names. First I don’t know how long it’s been available. when you register a domain, that registration is good for a set period of time. It could be a year (the usual minimum time) it could be as many as 10 years, (though I don’t recall seeing anyone with a domain registered for that many years.)

Once a domain expires, it is held in reserve by the registrar that the domain was initially registered through for some period of time. usually 3 to 6 months. They do this without being paid for the service, for those domain owners who have forgotten that they own the domain, until they get several e-mails that say ‘hey dummy, your domain has expired, or until they stop getting visitors, because the registrar has removed the dns entry for the non-paying owner. At the end of that period of time, the domain goes up for sale.

Now here is where an interesting thing happens. If the domain is ‘highly ranked’ SEO wise, it’s almost immediately snapped up by someone who is affectionately known as a domain squatter. What they are otherwise known as I shan’t post here. Might some day be held up for posting libel. (I’m not interested in paying for that experience.)

Again I don’t know that the domain was ever held by a domain squatter. And I don’t know that the previous ‘Rusty’ didn’t just lose the domain when I picked it up.

OK. I’m not expecting this to be a money making opportunity. For the next year, I’m willing to forward any e-mail for an address I already have received forwarded e-mail, to a user claiming that address, at no extra cost. Simply forward an e-mail to he webmaster, include the e-mail address at Rusty’s place you were sharing, and at least one service you were receiving e-mail from at that address, and I’ll forward that e-mail on to the e-mail address you request.

Thanks for your patience while I get that worked out.