Pricing, or how much you can expect to pay for my photographs.

All of the photos I post will be available for purchase. I have not figured out how to make that work quite yet, however it will happen.

While I do hope to make money off of the photos, I will also make many if not all of them available as a free download. That said, the downloaded versions are not going to have the same resolution as a purchased digital copy. And I’m pretty sure that as a result they shouldn’t be expected to look as nice when printed.

Depending on how I work this, you may order prints on a variety of media, or if you would rather do the printing yourself, you may.

Besides full resolution jpeg or png images, for an additional fee I will make the raw image available. In some cases the jpeg is as close to a raw image as I can take. Neither my cell phone, nor my Nikon CoolPix cameras shoot Raw, or for that matter the camera binoculars, the DXG camera/video cams, and so on. However where Raw image files are available, they will be noted.

We’ll get his worked out, and people more familiar with the process are welcome to let me know what has worked for them. I’m likely to go my own way, but I doubt that that’s anything new to anyone.

Be creative, have fun,