Here lies content about Rusty’s Place. These words may better have been used in other places, however they have all found there way here. May they rest well.

Rusty’s Place may end up being something far from what I currently envision. How it gets there should be visible through the variations seen over the posts. and I hope it is worth seeing.

At it’s start I’m looking for Rusty’s Place to be a place where I can share some of the material I’ve been doing with one, two or in time perhaps more than one or two of the projects and hobbies I have.

For now I’m expecting to share photos I’ve taken. If I haven’t found a photo I feel like sharing in my collection, it is going to be a requirement that I go and take a picture. If the weather is really nasty, I’ll… …well I was going to say I’ll take a picture inside, however there are situations where I just might want to take a picture outside. We’ll have to see what happens I guess.

Other hobbies that I’m involved in include programming, which will probably show up more on beresourceful.net in my home blog there; ham radio, which is likely to have more involvement here; and reading. I may add book reviews along the way, we’ll see.

I work in the networking field, so I’ll probably end up dropping a few comments here and there that are relevant to that, but I will hopefully not blog about it.

I hope you will enjoy the postings.