Christmas Eve, 2007

Snowy Path

Ok folks. Sorry about yesterday. one thing lead to another, and about 8 am I was drifting off to sleep as I was writing up a blog post in another blog of mine. Rusty’s blog at

In any case I decided that this week I would simply post one of my all time favorite pictures. I’ve variously titled it as path, or snowy path, It’s a path that was essentially within walking distance of where I called home at the time, and is the biking/walking/running path around most of Medicine Lake in Plymouth, MN.

In any case, there are not a lot of specifics to tell about it. The day did lend itself to my first series of issues with a Pentax K100D. The camera really does need more juice than 4 AA Alkalines can supply at a given point, especially when it is cold. I was very often getting an indication that the camera just didn’t have enough juice from the batteries. I ended up solving this in three ways over time. First was that when I use AA batteries in this camera, they are Lithium AA batteries,. Second I picked up a rechargeable battery pack for the camera. It hangs under the body along the lines of the old film auto-winders from film days, It charges off of 12 volts, And that’s not all that difficult to find. And finally I moved up to a Pentax K20 (and later a K7) which ment that I started shooting less with the K100d. I still have it, and will use it at times. The 6 MP sensor can shoot all day onto 16 Gig of SD card. It can shoot well over a thousand pictures there. However it does have issues with auto-focus in low light. I think it’s a great little camera to start with.


Snowy Path

A path covered in snow, going around the bend.