Water, food color, glass.

blue, red, yellow food color in water.

As a fall back for a canceled at the last minute photo shoot in February, we decided to do some experiments with light and food color. Now lot’s of people have tried various techniques with lighting, and dropping a drop of food color into a clear glass with water in it. How the die disperses, whether the water is still, in motion, etc. But as I was looking through the variety of glass at one of the local dollar stores, I spotted a glass with a diamond pattern, that was otherwise still clear.

The result is a slightly different variety of how food color moves through the water and diffuses. out. In this case we decided not to spin up the water, and I simply dropped one drop each of Blue, Red and then Yellow food die into the water. More pictures are available. I shot in Video mode as the camera remote was not working for me. The image above is a screen grab from the video.